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Privacy Policy's Privacy Policy
At your privacy is very important to us. We hope that the following statements will help you in understanding how collect, use and safeguard any personal information that you may provide to us while visiting our site.

Names, Email Addresses & Other Personal Information Collected Online

When individual or consumers browse or surf our website, we may at times collect their information when they have taken the time to fill out one of our online forms or have contacted us directly? Any personal information that may be collected would only be submitted by the individual or consumer in regards to receiving more information or possibly by participating in a survey.

Additional personal information may be also be collected from individuals or consumers who place an online purchase through our website, and it may also be collected from individuals who decide to participate in any third party network's affiliate program.

Your Collected Information Is Protected

Any personal information that may be collected online through our website is always kept private. At no time will any of your personal information ever be shared, sold or viewed by a third party. We value your privacy and have taken the proper measures to assure that your information remains private.

Receiving Communications From Our Website

When personal information is collected from our website, the individual or consumer who has entered their information is agreeing to receive emails from our website from time to time. These emails may contain specials, newsletters, free reports, free giveaways, etc.

When receiving these emails, the individual understands that they have granted us permission to send such emails when they have fill out our our online forms, have purchased any third party affiliate program.

Questions Regarding Our Privacy Policy

If a customer has a question regarding our privacy policy or wants further information about our privacy policy, they may contact us by using our contact form located on our website for an immediate response. When contacting us please describe your question or concern completely in the text body of the email.

How We Protect Your Information Online

When and individual fills out a form on or website or participates within our network or our network's affiliate program, their personal information which is collected is stored directly to the servers database. All databases are fire walled, secured and password protected assuring your information remains secure.

When placing an order on our website with payment, all orders are process through ssl secure web pages through a third party gateway such as Pay Pal, Payza or Click Bank. This information is only collected for the sole purpose of processing your order and remains secure through the third party gateway.

Changes Made To Our Privacy Policy

From time to time, we make changes to our privacy policy. All changes to our privacy policy will be posted here, and it is the individual's or consumer's responsibility to frequently check our privacy policy for such changes.

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