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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Discover The #1 Fundamental Element That All Guru's Use To Build Thier 7 Figure Online Empire...
Really ask this: "Is this business hard?"


Is DOING this business hard?

Think about it this way: Is knowing HOW to lose weight hard?

No, you know you need to eat healthy, exercise, and well, that's pretty much it!

It's the Execution part that's hard.

A Surefire Way To Keep Yourself Recession-Proof When Starting & Growing Your Online Business
Argh... I've had many arguments about this lately...

Do you keep catching wind of this little thing called a
'Recession' ?

I wasn't even aware of it, as I try to stay clear of the
NEWS, that seems to only find everything bad that
is going on in the world...

And my business definitely hasn't been touched by
it anytime recently...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Here's A Guaranteed Simple Solution To Any Earn Money Online Woes You May Be Having.......
Argh... I've had many arguments about this lately...

Do you keep catching wind of this little thing called a
'Recession' ?

I wasn't even aware of it, as I try to stay clear of the
NEWS, that seems to only find everything bad that
is going on in the world...

And my business definitely hasn't been touched by
it anytime recently...

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Are You Constantly Sabotaging Your Success? How To Prevent Opportunities From Sliding Through Your Fingers
Ever feel like you've squandered away an opportunity before?

Join the club, because I'm sure we ALL have...

I've seen literally Ah---may---zing! I mean AMAZING ways to earn money and opportunities that fall right into peoples laps.

And at first, they're very excited about the possibilities of starting their own home based business or creating more wealth with the latest money making ideas. 

Seeing their dreams and desires awakened and feeling there is a real chance this time that they're on the right track to success (And they really are)

Discover "The Key" That Will Open Your Doors To Earning 6 & 7 Figures Online In No Time Flat?
Did you know that there are some 'Homeless' folks out
there that make over $100,000 a year?

Now obviously they're not 'really' homeless, but they're
posing like they are. On the sidewalks, in the subway
stations, out there begging for money...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The #1 Rule You Need To Stick To Continously Grow Your Online Business Successfully.
Whenever you hop online set out to do what you have planned...

Do you find yourself being a business owner? Or a busyness
owner? I'm not sure which you are, however, I've found that most people I've coached and helped online are 'busyness' owners.

Discover A Simple Shift That Will Take You From Donald Duck To Donald Trump With No Extra Work....
Donald Trumps hair isn't the only thing that's big...

His Deals are too. So there's this concept called Transformation Value (TV) I'd like to talk to you

And simply put, Donald 'get's it' totally.

I'll talk about that in a second and why it's so important that you understand it too, but first, I want you to think about the Trumps business model for a sec.

What type of deals does he do?

Discover How Brain Picking Can Make You A Very Wealth Man Or Woman...
If you're bold enough to actually try this out, it will literally change your life.

It can make you a very wealthy man or woman.
(Or man-woman, I don't judge.)

I was just reading a recent copy of Inc. Magazine (you do read business magazines too don't you?), and Sterling Lanier summed up my point quite nicely...

He's a very successful founder of an App Company called Tonic. It's an app that replaces medical forms.

4 Rituals That The Gurus' Don't Want You To Know That Will Help You Earn Money Online Successfully....
OK. Likely you're saying to yourself, "What!?" People
working from the internet- productive?

Yes, you're right.

Most of us aren't productive.

98% don't even do anything!

Why do you think this is? People chalk up it to just
procrastination, but what's the REASON for doing

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Most Important Mistake To Avoid When Starting Your Online Business Opportunity..
You know it's an interesting story... Most people I see
that are trying to earn money online go about starting things up all wrong.


For instance, they turn to extreme novices, newbies even
for start-up advice.

You can see this by spending 5 minutes reviewing internet business ideas over at the Warrior's Forum...

How To Build An Online Turn-Key Business Fast Using "Ray Krok's" Brilliant Strategy..
When Ray Krok was asked how he could apply the
80/20 rule to McDonald's, his brilliant mind

'Turn-key it, stupid!'

And he did just that.

By focusing in on the 20% that brings in 80% of the
results in his business, he started a revolution.

You can do this too, after you learn the right KEY
things to focus in on in this business.

This 1 Single Skill Can Make Or Break Your Online Marketing Success...
Besides his 'exquisite' mustache, Magnum
was one mean Private Investigator too...

And if you're unfortunate enough to know
what I'm talking about, Magnum P.I. was
a very popular show in the 80's starring
Tom Selleck. (Great theme song too.)

And if you peer into one of his particular
skills, one that you can do also, it'll make
you a LOT MORE crisp green moolah.

Why 98% Of Online Entrapreneurs Fail And How You Can Avoid "The Curse Of Isolation"
"Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. 
Nothing exists in isolation. 
We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can do it alone." -Margaret Wheatley

Internet Business simply rocks.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Discover A Sure Fire Way That Will Guarantees 95% Of Your Success Marketing Online...
One of the top movies out right now is Lego the Movie.

It's really the first time there has EVER been such a diverse array of characters from Batman, to Woody, to Spongebob, to Darth Vader, to Indiana Jones, all
in one flick...

(Come on! You know that brings up some fond

What did it take to make this movie and get this all-
star cast together?

Monday, April 27, 2015

How To Stop Digging for profits with a Toothpick? What The Gurus Won't Tell You....
I've got a friend that installs swimming pools for
a living.

The only problem he has is around the busy
summer months...

When everybody want's to enjoy a refreshing pool
at the same time, he doesn't have enough
equipment to keep up.

So as bad as this sounds, one of the crews
inevitably ends up doing quite a bit of digging
with the basic Shovel and Wheel Barrow.

Discover How To Go From A $10 per hour earner to a $10,000 per hour earner quickly? Earn Money Online Quickly....
Today I want to share with you a high level concept...

One I learned from one of the best in the business,
a guy named Perry Marshall. (Seriously, check his
stuff out! He's got a blog.)

This high level concept can take you from a $10 per
hour earner to a $10,000 per hour earner quite

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The FACTS about MTTB...Would you like to have $9,000 days online?
It's got several hundred incredible success stories...

Click Here Now To Get Started

If you don't get a commission in 30 days you get
$500 in cold hard cash.

You have the opportunity to earn $1,000, $3,000
and $5,000 commissions.


You aren't Being Paid To Believe In the Power Of your Dreams....Get To Work!
'Anybody can say charming things and try to please
and to flatter, but a true friend always says unpleasant
things, and does not mind giving pain. 
Indeed, if he is a
really true friend he prefers it, for he knows that then he
is doing good.' -Oscar Wilde

What kind of twisted way to start off a post right?!

The Blunt Truth Of Why 98% Of Online Entrepreneurs Fail & How You Can Avoid This Mistake...
This is probably one of the biggest reasons for failure
that exists right now...

It's an easy enough FIX once you realize this, but it'll
still take a bit of mental GRIT on your part.

The big mistake people are making (especially in this
industry) is believing that being in motion is the same
as taking action.

4-Hour Workweek | How to become a member of the NEW RICH.
There's the tale of the Investment Banker that works 80+ hrs. a week, never has time to be with his family and enjoy life...

...He makes a cool $250,000 a year.

Now imagine this, there is another story of a man that only makes $60,000 a year.

In this instance though, he only works 10-15 hrs. a week. He basically works when
he wants, where he wants.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Seinfeld Strategy- to CURE Procrastination.
Odd as it sounds, Seinfeld has an incredible technique that can help you absolutely CRUSH IT in your business this year...

Check this out:

The famous comedian earned $267 million dollars
back in 1998.

And he's been pulling in a cool $85 million per year
pretty much ever since.

Stop Being The Guru's Dog...Earn Money Online Marketing Ideas | Internet Business Ideas | What Is Financial Freedom
Do you know what a bird-dog is?

It's important that you do because it can mean
the difference between making pennies online,
or you earning literal fortune.

Let me explain...

A bird-dog is a dog like a Hound-dog or Labrador
Retriever that is trained to hunt down, sniff out,
track and pursue wild game and then bring
the spoils back to his owner.

The Untold Mystery Of Warren Buffett's Internet Marketing Secret
When it comes to making money, Warren Buffett knows
a little sumpin sumpin.

With an estimated net worth of $53.5 Billion (with a B!)
he's one of the wealthiest men on the planet.

He started with practically nothing. And he's got some
great advice to tell to us about growing our own
businesses up fast.

Discover The #1 Element To Your Online Business Success That Will Eliminate Failure And Guarantee Results...
Let's talk LEGO'S and PROFITS...

We've all got little projects or hobby's we like to
fiddle with when we have some free time...

(...We've all got loads of free time right!? lol)

And Lego blocks bring back some fond memories
of the past! Maybe you've built a few things with
Lego's as well, or something similar?

Browsing at some of the Newer Lego Projects on
Amazon, these bad boys have become pretty

Discover The Secret Ingredient To Starting A Profitable Online Business That The Gurus Don't Want You To Know...
How do YOU go about starting up a profitable business?
Most do it DEAD WRONG.

You see most people start at the product level.

They say 'I want to create xyz', how do I make it

Discover A New Twitter Strategy To Generate Organic Traffic & Skyrocket Your Sales.....
New Twitter Strategy For Organic Traffic

Several of you asked how we use Twitter to generate traffic for our show.

I haven't used Twitter in the past few weeks because recently, Twitter made some serious changes to their TOS so a lot of the things that were ok to do even a few weeks ago are not ok anymore.

But, since you asked, I'll give you here the less aggressive version. :) 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Solo Ads: 5 Purchase Option Strategies The Gurus Don't Want You To know?
Getting More Traffic... With Solo Email Buys! Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive a question about how to get more traffic.

I’m serious. Every single day – it’s the #1 question we get... by far! It’s not even close. 

So as we tackle the topic of traffic today, let’s first start with a 30,000 square foot view.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

3 Jaw Dropping Tips For Getting More People To Join Your List

Jaw-dropping conversion rates?

Ask any marketer about their lead-page conversion rate, and you’re sure to get wildly different numbers. Most of these numbers will fall right into the 5% to 15% range.

You’ll have a few folks who’ll shuffle their feet, blush, and quietly admit to 2% conversion rates. Meanwhile, you got the guys on the other side crowing about lead-page conversions at 20%, 30% or even more. (We’ve seen as high as 62% on some campaigns!)

Every marketer would love those big double-digit conversions, but so many are stuck in the low single digits.  

The good news is that if your lead pages are struggling like an 80-year old woman hauling a log up a hill, there are things you can do to kick up your conversions.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Discover 3 Proven Strategies To Get More Sales Conversions to know a simple way to get sales?

Adhere closely to this easy 3 Step proven

Your prospects need to believe that...

1) They have a Big Problem. And that problem
is getting bigger every day, and they can't go
on any longer living with it.

2) That you're the #1 Best Person in the world
to solve this Big Problem for them.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Discover A Real Low Risk Approach To Starting A Successful Online Business | Earn Money Online | Internet Business Ideas
Today you are going to discover a low risk approach to starting a successful online business opportunity. 

In the commodities world and trading stocks, there's
something called Paper Trading.

Basically, you do everything you'd normally do if you
were trading with the big bucks..

...You'd follow stocks.

...You'd watch for trends.

...And you'd buy in.

Except... here you don't use real money.

You're paper trading.

It's a low-risk way to get your feet wet and see how
you'd do in the real world.

And in trading stocks this is a big deal, because you
could lose BIG TIME.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The NFL's Most Valueble Player Richard Sherman pompous or brilliant? NFL's Most Valueble Player Richard Sherman pompous or brilliant?

You've probably seen clips of him on the news this week.

He did a dazzling little block in the end-zone and helped
put his team in this years NFL Superbowl.

But that's not why he's getting a LOT of attention right now.

We'll get back to that clip in a second...

Sherman's dad was a trash man in Compton.
His background, very humble.

In Compton, Sherman got better than straight A grades
(he insisted on taking advanced classes) in school.

He then attended Stanford, going there because of it's
academic reputation.

He's been described as absurdly smart.

A state of matter.

A force to be recognized.

And he's at the top of his game right now.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Discover How This 1 Weird Marketing Idea Can Make You A Fortune This Year Online.... money online is simple when you are presented  with proven marketing ideas on how to make money online. 

There's a reason why some people have millions sitting in their bank accounts and others have...uhm... zeros.

And there's a reason why some affiliates and online business owners are pulling in over 6-8 figures a year, while many others are yet to make their first dime.

And the reason is SYSTEMS and STRATEGY. One person has a system and strategy that is working magically for them.

The other persons results reveals a *colossal failure* in their systems and strategy.

Change your systems and you change your life. Change your strategy and you get to where you want to go much faster.

Check out the MTTB System here: (Strategy included)
 It sounds simple enough right?

i.e. 'Find a better system and implement it.'

Yet, how many people are really pushing themselves past their current comfort zones (read: systems and strategies), to ingrain a new better system that works into their lives?

Not many.

Not many at all.

I'm not going to linger here today but it's an important life changing thing to get here.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Warning! Discover 8 Myths About Money That Will Aways Keep You Broke... I grew up in the city. 

My family as immigrants came to America without a dime and had always worked hard for their money, and as a result, I always equated working hard with making money, with no idea that my beliefs could not have been further from truth.
As I educated myself on human behavior and financial strategies, I learned that it’s actually the people who make their money work hard for them, rather than the people who work hard for their money, who end up with more of it.

Bill Murray success tips! | 1 Weird Tip That Will Help Your Online Business Grow Incredibly....
Ever seen the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray?

It's gotta be one of the best examples of split-testing in

Every day he wakes up to the exact same alarm clock,
to the exact same message blaring on the radio, to the
exact same day 24/7.

He even runs into the exact same people in the street
every day.

The only thing different is he can TRY (test) different
things out and hope for a different end result.

He was pretty frustrated at first, downright mad, but
eventually he started to try some things that started
to work, and he even began having fun in the process.

But this only happened after trying and testing a LOT
of things first that didn't work out so well.

It's sorta like that in this business...

Split-testing is an *essential ingredient* to your success.

3 Weird Shocking Discoveries That Will Allow Your Business To Soar And Your Happiness Grow
If there is one big deal killer in sales, this is it...


You ever had somebody 'needy' in your life?

Perhaps you're taken back to High School
memories where there was that desperate
kid always trying to be accepted or to get a

What kind of emotions does that swell up in

You almost feel sorry for that person, but
you're definitely NOT drawn to them!

Desperation and Neediness reeks of failure
and a lack of confidence.

It's a success repellent!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Want To know What Seperates The Champs From The Chumps? The Good From The Great...
When it comes to getting amazing advice on building up our Home Based businesses the last person I'd think of is the Governator.

But while watching the movie Pumping Iron, I discovered the motivation I needed to get out of my head and into the real world.

In this documentary about the sport of bodybuilding, which Arnold holds many titles and accolades, he describes what really separates the Champs from the Chumps.

The good from the great.

Here It Is:

The champs are willing to go through what he calls the 'pain period'.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Discover The Untold Sales Secrets That The Top Marketers Use (Probably On YOU) But They'll Never Tell You.
Today I'm going to share with you an extremely powerful
sales tip...

One of the sales secrets that the top guys covertly use (probably on YOU) but they never tell you how to profit from it yourself. 

And we learn it from a famous commodities trader, Larry 'The Fox' Williams. 

You probably haven't heard of him before but he is a very wealthy man, and his daughter is a well known actress (Michelle Williams) who was married to the late great Heath Ledger.

Top Earners Reveal WHY...MTTB Is The Ideal Profit Funnell

There's a reason why big bloggers like John Chow actively promote MTTB.

Why top producers for 'EN' are now flocking over to the side of the Jedi...

Why legends like Daegan Smith are excitedly
ramping up campaigns targeted towards MTTB...

What's The Reason?

...MTTB Converts!

This small tweak will yield you huge results... | Online Marketing | Home Based Business | Affiliate Marketing Strategies
I Seriously Doubt You've Ever Heard Of The Band Kara's Flowers...

They were a pop group that was around in the mid-90's.

Instantly, they were a big stinky flop and were dropped from their record label just a month after their first record
came out.

Then, the group made a few 'small' tweaks and changes...

...They added a guitarist.

...They changed their 'style' of music.

...And the biggie?

...They recast one member as it's front man.

2 Secret Tips To Fast Freedom...
Ever seen the movie Multiplicity?


Like most people, Doug had too much to do and not
enough time in the day to do it.

And he had ZERO time for himself.

No time for his family.

Not a way to live.

So, in the movie Doug CLONES HIMSELF.

Oh he's getting more done, people are impressed at
work, he's spending more time with his wife and
family now, and he's even finding time to go play Golf
and have some 'me' time.

Interestingly, he even becomes more busy and

Discover 21 Steps That Will Consistently Earn $1,000, $3,000, and $5,000 commissions.

Take a Hammer and Nail... Two very simple things, but there is a
lot you can do with it in the right hands.

Long as you have Wood, you could: furniture. a shed. a House.

You've just got to start swinging.

Business would be nice if it only required two simple ingredients
like that, but it's a bit more complex.

And likely, you wouldn't want to build an entire house with just
a hammer and nails! It would take far too long and you'd kill
yourself swinging away every day.

Friday, April 3, 2015

No Pain! No Gain! How Can Stress And Pain Really Help You Succeed?
Ever got a massage? If not, why even go on living...

OK all joking aside, they ARE great, especially
for some much needed stress relief and relieving
muscles that have been sitting behind a computer
for hours on end.

But I'm not here to talk about massages. I'd rather
simply GET THEM than be talking about them.

I'm here today to talk about the 3 types of people
that get massages and how it ties into us as
marketers and Home Business owners.

Kinda important stuff too!

Person 1: We'll call them the immediate Ahhh!!!

Take This QUICK TEST to see if you've got True Grit...Are You A Winner or Loser?
"Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is." -Mark Cuban

Ole Marky Mark should know. Considering he's a Billionaire with
a big fat B.

So how do you know if you've got True GRIT?

No, I'm not talking about owning a John Wayne movie.

True Grit is having an undying passion and perseverance to
achieve your goals.

It's Sweat Equity.

It's the MAIN predictor of success.

Grit trumps talent.

Every. Time.

Do you have it?

Well hold your lungs for a sec. cuz we're going to find out
right now!

What Are You Doing To Stand Out From Your Competition? Unique Affiliate Marketing Tips....

Simple Question: What are you doing right now to stand apart from your competition?

You ARE standing apart aren't you?

And hopefully in a VERY UNIQUE way!

Here's the issue we have today...
take the free tour now click here

We live in a catalog world.

Ever remember getting those huge Sears Roebuck

5 Hard To Swallow Life Changing TRUTHS about entrepreneurship....

Ever have one of those teachers in school that saw the real potential in you that even YOU didn't see?

Likely, they didn't take it very easy on you either.

...They told you to try harder.

...They said you can do better than that.

...They told you practice makes perfect.

...They DROVE you beyond your own limits.

And... you loved them for it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How To Identify The "Serial Killer" That Will Kill Your Goals This Year....

Scary right!

How's it going so far?

I'm going to let you in on something that's going
to straight up 'Serial Killer' style KILL most
peoples GOALS this year.

Did you know that most people on average
watch T.V. like 3-4 hrs. a day?

3 Powerfull Breakthroughs That Will Transform for Your Level Of Success As An Entreprenuer

Here's 3 Big Breakthrough's that I discovered and I want to share
with you :

1) The fastest way to change your life is to RAISE YOUR STANDARDS.

When you raise your standards, you demand more from yourself, more
from people around you, more from what you think you are capable of.

2) Want to impact your life and "Upgrade It".
Change your emotional state. Your emotional state creates your
story. Your story creates your life.

Change your thoughts, condition your thinking, gain back control
so you can start to always be upgrading your life.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Discover The Secret 21 Steps To Financial Freedom

When people talk about making money online, it can sometimes sound very complicated. 
But what it all boils down to is…

Money is just a way to achieve that freedom…

… the freedom to decide how to spend your day, when to get up in the
morning, and do what you want to do – when you want to do it.

Whether that’s spending time with your kids, traveling, playing golf, or relaxing by the pool… it’s up to YOU.

That’s the type of freedom I enjoy, and that’s the freedom I want you to have.

So Matt Lloyd has developed a system to get you closer to that freedom… in just 21 days.

It’s called My Top Tier Business. Go take a f.r.e.e. test drive now: Click here now to enter sight.

Here’s how it works…

You join My Top Tier Business (for a $49 application fee – which is refundable if you are not accepted).

You go through one step a day (each step takes about 30 minutes).

You get your own personal coach to help you through the steps.

After you go through the steps, you start putting leads into the
sales funnels. Don’t worry… we’ll show you how to easily get qualified
traffic (Matt will even get traffic for you, if you want, for a small
fee per lead).

Your leads turn into sales that you get commissions on.

Our phone sales team sells them into higher ticket programs FOR YOU… and you make $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 each time.

This last part is the key…

Our professional phone sales team – many of whom are 6-figure earners
 – will get on the phone and close high ticket sales for you.

They get a percentage of the sale, and you get a FAT commission.

This is the secret behind My Top Tier Business system, and it’s something NO ONE else is doing in our industry.

You see, by far the most effective way to sell high-ticket program is 1-on-1 over the phone.

The problem is most people never figure out how to do it themselves (it’s a very unique skill).

With My Top Tier, the number #1 thing needed to make Top Tier sales
(and BIG commissions) is Done For You. Our phone team is there to pick
up the phone and make sales for you.

So far, this system has generated over $4 million in revenue – half
of which ($2 million) has been paid out in commissions to people like
you… our partners.

In fact, Matt Lloyd is so confident this will work for you, that he
will pay you $500 CASH out of his own pocket, if you don’t make at least
 $1,000 after going through the 21 steps in the program.

Share  this post with all your friends and social media....

Do You Want Financial Freedom? Planning Retirment? Where will you be a year from now?

If you do nothing, you will be in the same place in one
year as you are today.

Nothing will have changed for the better.

If anything, things may get worse.

You may lose your job, or you may have unexpected
costs come up that strain your financial situation even more.

The point is...

Life rewards action-takers.

Nothing is going to change unless YOU make it happen.

Discover The Art of Writing | Internet Marketing Tips |
 One of the worlds top authors Michael Connelly was just
interviewed about How He Writes...

Now you may not be a 'Writer'. But what he said in this
interview is *critical* if you're looking at making a great living

ANYBODY that is very prolific at their craft, I'm all about learning
their secrets.

It's these secrets that can give you BIG BREAKTHROUGHS
in your own business and life.

And he's one of the best at what he does. (Check out The Poet,
and Lincoln Lawyer just to name a few.)