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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FREE 12 Online Master Mind Tips To Get More Conversions And Traffic | Entrepreneurship ideas
I have been busy with numerous projects,
and have learned a great deal of
marketing gems that I wanted to share
with you.

1. Placing a countdown timer before the
start of your video sales letter will
most likely increase the conversion

I got this tidbit from a Perry Belcher video and we tested it on one of our funnels. It did slightly increase
the conversion rate.

2. Offering a life-time option for your
monthly continuity program can bring in
a windfall of high-ticket sales quickly.
This make sense to test if you know the
average duration of your monthly members
and then price your life-time price
higher than your monthly fee x average

3. You can now import subscribers into
Aweber without having to have your
subscribers reconfirm their email
address. About time!

See Their Announcement Here

4. Split-test subject lines to a portion
of your list before you mail out to your
entire mailing list. This can have a
dramatic impact on your open and
engagement rate.

5. Don't start a podcast if you are going
to do it half-ass. Get a condenser
microphone and make sure you are in the
soundproof room. Way too many terrible
sounding podcasts out there.

6. Facebook has taken a bite out of
Google's revenues. Google is hurting and
that is why they are reaching out to
banned advertisers to get started again.
Yes, believe it.

7. PPV traffic is still one of the
cheapest ways to quickly build an email
list in any market.

8. Building an audience before launching
a product on Amazon will allow you to
build quality reviews quickly. We were
able to scale to five-figures per month
starting in month one because we had an
audience already built for that market.

9. Break out your ad campaigns on Bing
Ads by "Bing only" and "Partner
network." Both can behave very differently.

10. Read every word of any contract you
sign and always include an addendum for
an out-clause with a number of your
own reasons (i.e. service sucks!)

11. Never tell a sick seven-year old
that she can't have ice cream when the
other siblings are eating ice cream. Not
a good outcome.

12. Always keep learning. Discover How This Broke

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