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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

10 Weird Techniques That Will Transform Your Negative Thinking
Technique #1: 

Exercises that will manifest a perfect   

positive thinking:

• Manage your thought process and self-talk

• Make it a permanent habit to declare positive affirmations

• Count your blessing by creating a list of positive things and express  feelings of gratitude towards them.

Take care of your physical health, spirit, and mind. A sound body leads to a sound mind and visa versa.

Technique #2: Explosive Visualizations:

• Develop clarity of thinking by focusing on the prize and not the problem

• Visualize yourself solving the solution in a positive way.

• Always preserve a positive and perfect image of your outcome in your visualization exercises.

• Rehearse the positive outcome in your mind while moving on towards perfection.

• Repetition is the mother of learning

• Take an inventory of your thought patterns and apply visualization exercises when you are being challenged by negative thoughts. 


Technique #3: Explosive Positive Affirmations:

• State your affirmation in a positive way using the present tense and first person narrative

• Use words like "can" and "know" instead of words like "will" and "think"

• Repeat your affirmations at least three times each day

Technique #4: Problem solving:

• Define the problem

• List your feelings about the situation

• State a positive outcome for the problem

• Determine the explosive positive steps necessary to accomplishing this goal

• Use visualization skills to imagine a perfect outcome to the problem

• Put preparation into action

• Review your problem solving process

Technique #5: How to stop negative thinking from an internal source:

• Become aware of your thoughts and reactions

• Challenge your negative thinking
1. Is this thought based on the reality of the situation?
2. What facts can you find to back this thought up?
3. What emotions does this thought evoke?
4. Is this thought tied to a past failure or event?
5. Can this thought be changed?

• Correct your negative thoughts by turning them into EXPLOSIVE positive affirmations


Technique #6: How to stop negative thinking from an external source:

• Ask for advice

• Be open to suggestions

• Never take a negative comment personally

• Attempt to turn negative comments into a resource for new ideas


Technique #7: Steps to turn negative thinking into a business asset:

• Face the reality of the situation

• Prepare for any negative outcomes to upcoming events or situations

• Use negative thinking to avoid immobilization and to spring yourself into action

• Face negative thinking and allow yourself to learn from it

Technique #8: Increase your belief in yourself and your product or service:

• Make a list of positive aspects and benefits

• Turn the statements into explosive positive affirmations in order to strengthen your beliefs


Technique #9: Expect Explosive success:

• Let go of doubt
• Convince yourself of the possible outcomes
• Allow yourself to dream, and then decide to dream big
• Turn your dreams into concrete goals


Technique #10: Banish thoughts of defeat:

• Stand up to defeat
• Eliminate the word defeat from your vocabulary
• Believe in your power to succeed
• Avoid negative people who make statements about defeat

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