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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

14 Hot Sexy Email Marketing Secrets That Will Spark Any Campaign
In this article you will 

discover 10 sexy hot 

strategies that  top email 

marketers use to attract and 

retain a list of hot buyer leads.

 Statistics have shown that email marketing has revolutionized  the way we do business and it’s more cost effective than, direct mail, or any traditional form of advertising. 
Don’t believe me? Check out these 20 top shocking email marketing statistics, then come back here. 

If you do believe me then just keep reading.

When planned and organized correctly, not only is email marketing cost effective but also analytically track-able. 

Studies have demonstrated that email marketing is the magnetic marketing method of choice for network marketers, mlm list builders, and affiliate marketer that are looking to attract, retain, and grow a loyal list of buyer leads

Professional email marketers world wide use email marketing for:
  •        Leads generation
  •        Increasing more sales
  •        Driving qualified targeted web traffic
  •        Building long lasting relationships
  •        Building brand loyalty

1)  The Subject Line Is The Most Important Element In Your Email Marketing Campaign
After you’ve identified who your market and audience is going to be, start by making a list of really attractive subject lines that are simple and create curiosity.
 You sometimes get some creative ideas and catchy phrases in your spam inbox where many promotional offers are sent.   

This is the most important part of your campaign. 

Why? Because if you are not able to get the prospect past the front gate of opening your email; they will never get to read and accept the invitation to your offer. 

I’m going to stress it again; this is the most critical part of your campaign that affects your opening ratios. 

If you don’t become savvy on this my friend your campaigns could bomb which means time wasted and no qualified leads for you.  

Think about the subject headline that attracted you to this article. 

Did it have a curios impact on you that made you want to read further? 

It obviously worked if it got you to this point, right?  

So start learning how to create compelling headlines and subject lines that will keep your audience’s heart throbbing for more. 

They don’t have to be long and complicated most of the time the shorter and simpler you keep it the more open rates you get. 

The first hurdle you need to overcome when composing an attractive subject line is make sure it passes the spam test. 

Here is a FREE online spam tool that you can run your content through. 

This spam test tool will help you identify weather your email subject titles, or body content is fit to pass the spam guard that search engines place. 

Some of the words you want to stay away from include the following:

These are just a few spam trigger words; you can find more by Googling “words blocked by email spam blockers”.  

You also want to avoid using all Caps, to prevent triggering the spam filters; and super short subject headings which will most likely get very little attention. 

Keep the subject line to approximate 50 characters as good rule of thumb.

 It’s been proven that longer subject lines are more likely to pass the spam guard and get more open rates.
Also, don’t be so mysterious that you are making people guess too much because you might just brush them off. 

Make your subject lines intriguingly curious giving them a snap shot idea of what to expect in the body content. 

This approach will get you higher open rates. 

For example:

Snap Shot Version:
  • "Six Tips for Beautiful Wedding Flower Arrangements"
  • “Discover The Shocking Truth Of Drinking Bottled Water”
Mysterious Version:
  • "John, open this email now. It's important!"
  • “Hey John what Up”

There’s really no wrong or right approach until you split test it and see which one gets the most open rates. 

You just have to keep up with the trends and ride the wave. What may work today may not work tomorrow. 

You can use the mystery approach during a launch campaign or use it as part of a series of follow up sales letter, once your audience has an idea on what to expect. 

The snap shot version seems to be the ideal approach which leaves people in no doubt to what the offer contains. 

You be the judge.

2)    If Possible Personalize The Subject Line:  
Most people will not ignore personally addressed emails. 

Do it about 2 thirds of the time. 

Auto responders out there have ~name~  fields that you can insert in your subject line and it will automatically extract their name on file.

3)    Use A Number On Your subject Line:
“10 marketing Tips…”

“Discover 5 Secrets To Success”

“3 Step To help you…..”  

For some reason this type of subject line ads a magnetic appealing punch. 

4)    Use The Question Approach:
For Example: “Hey Joe, are you anxious about losing your hair” – Asking a question makes people go hmm. 

It you can get them to think they will most likely follow up and open the email. 

You can even mix your “numbers subject strategy above” with your question approach. 

For example: “Hey Joe, are you anxious about losing your hair” – 3 Step Proven Formula Can Grow It Back.

5)    Insert Punchy Phrases In Your Subject Line:

You want to make your email subject lines gleam with excitement by inserting words in bold below:
  • "10 high octane stocks that will double your investments"
  • "3 cutting edge ways to slash your mortgage payment in half" 
  • "5 essential secrets to preserve your marriage"

  • "6 powerful tips to find the love of your life"
  • "a simple trick to lose 10 pounds overnight" 

Here is a very handy companion guide called “Words that Sell” for all copy-writing, especially catchy subject lines. 

6)    The Urgency Approach:

You’ve probably seen this type of promotion thrown around a lot out there. 

This creates a emotional feeling among consumers that they can either gain more time or that they are running out of time. 

Both can have a great impact if written properly. 
"Triple your profits in just 2 days”
"This offer only last until 12 o clock midnight”

7)    Use The Scarcity Factor
And last and not least, this strategy helps to create urgency motivating prospects to take action right away for fear of loss. 

8)    Build Value And Credibility When Email Broadcasting To Your Targeted Audience

When your prospects opt in their information on your website offer them something of value in exchange for their private information. 

There are many ways you can do this such as creating a newsletter, a free webinar, a free e-book, or just relevant content that will spark interest in your product or service.

 Surveys can be really good also before you do the webinar to be able to know what your audience wants before your do your webinar. 

These are all great ways to create and build credibility with your audience to win them over.

9)    Only Ask For The Necessary Information On The Landing Page

When your prospect sign up on your website or landing page, make sure you design your sign up button so that you only ask for the necessary information that you really need. 

Which is really there name, phone number and email address. 

Asking unnecessary questions on the landing page may annoy your customer and may scare them away. 

10)     Put Your Self In the Customer’s Shoes Before You Start Broadcasting To Your Buyers List

Before you start broadcasting to your buyers list, you want to be careful not to shot gun blast them every day trying to sell them a product hoping that if you throw enough “offers” up against the wall one is going to stick. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that expression before with the “Sh” word, Right. 

 Well, although this law of average philosophy holds its value in the sales and marketing arena, it does not apply when building trust and relationship with email marketing. 

You have to treat that list just like a farmer would treat his crops. 

You cannot give the crop neither too much sunlight nor too much water and you have to wait until the harvest to take the crop to the market and make a profit. 

This is the same type of approach you must have when building a list of buyers. 

If you constantly keep sending them offers your email will be placed in the spam section and forever gotten or they will unsubscribe and lost forever. 

Think for a moment,  how would you feel if you keep getting bombarded  with two or three offers every day from the same source?

You definitely will not have a pretty smile on your face.  

So by putting yourself in the prospect’s or customer’s shoes, you will acquire the empathy to keep yourself from being a trigger happy, loose cannon, email broadcasting spammer on wheels.  

Your list is gold so treat it with respect and always offer something of value that will attract them to you so that you can build trust as an authority figure. 

11)     Learn to spread out your campaigns to avoid sabotaging your list 

When you set up an auto responder campaign create at least 10 – 15 day follow up messages everyday back to back; then 1 every other day for 15 days forward; then spread them out to 1 per week for 6 months; then tone it down to once or twice per month. 

Here are the 5 steps to schedule your email broadcast:  
1.     Send 1 email every day for the first 10 – 15 days from the time they opted in. 
2.     Then every other day for 15 days forward from step one.
3.     1 per week for 6 months after step 2.
4.     Then 1 or 2 times per month infinitely.
5.     Broadcast an offer sparingly in between step 3 and 4.

 (You spark the offer with a free coupon or e-book as a gift etc.)

12)     Build & Protect Your Reputation

In order to protect your reputation, always provide an unsubscribe link in all your email campaigns. 

I like to place it at the bottom, but not in the bottom pit of your email that they will never get to it. 

Always keep it visible, but place it at the bottom; this way you will at least have a chance of them skimming your offer and hope that they may be attracted to engage in reading something that gets their attention. 

I heard some mad marketers say that they like to place it at the top so that if they are not interested in your subject line they can just weed them out and get them out of the way. 

I personally don’t agree with that, because there are so many distractions nowadays that people can open an email with a distracted state of mind and just be trigger happy to click on your unsubscribe link at the top without scrolling down and allowing your offer to have an influential impact on them. 

It only takes one word or one cool image to captivate your prospect’s interest and to engage into your campaign with a call to action. 

In your message make sure you personalize the “From” part of your email and be clear who the email is from or it will most likely get trashed. 

Remember, people respond best to massages that are written by a particular person that represents the company that they can get to know over a period of time. 

This is part of building a reputation and forming a relationship.  

 13)     Manage Your List Responsibly
Make sure that you manage your email marketing list diligently by responding quickly to any question and making sure you unsubscribe them off your list when they put in a request to be taken off the list. 

Make sure you scrub your list from time to time since people tend to change their email address from time to time, this will minimize your bounce back rate and undeliverable emails. 

This will keep your server running smoothly and prevent it from slowing down or getting clogged.

14)     Provide A Privacy Policy When Obtaining Your Customers Information

Also, make sure you create a privacy policy detailing how you are preserving and utilizing your customer’s information and that it will not be given out to any third party. 

This is essential to earning your customers trust, respect and loyalty. 

Above all, be patient to understand email marketing as the most important foundation to your online marketing. 

If you don’t want to agree with me that email marketing is the most important strategy to master when it comes to internet marketing; then think twice because everything that you need to sign up for on a website requires you to have an email to confirm your account.  

That’s how huge email marketing is. 

Some people and corporations manage more than 1 email account. I know that I personally have over a dozen myself. 

Always analyze results and think of new ways to provide value to your members and customers.

 If an email marketing campaign doesn’t give you good results don’t give up. 

Your tracking system will give you all the analytic s you need to tweak your subject line because you are not getting very low open rates or you may have to change your offer around a bit and give it a different twist. 
In conclusion, by implementing these 12 email marketing strategies and techniques, you will have a much greater chance of achieving highly targeted, attractive, and effective email marketing campaign results. 

In return, you will gain higher conversion ratios while retaining customer loyalty. 

Keep the message personal and casual. Talk to them and not at them when you are writing. 

Think like the prospect and write your message in a fun conversational tone. 

People like to experience a little humanity behind the scenes.

I hope that I inspired you in some way with this posting. 

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