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About Us

Starting From Ground Zero was founded on August 31, 2012 by Mario J. Garcia a successful online marketing entrepreneur for over 10 years.  

This blog provides affordable innovative solutions to generating targeted leads, online marketing strategies, web traffic and lead generation resources for the home based business, network marketing, mlm, direct sales, and affiliate marketing industry. 

Entrepreneurs worldwide now have access to quality internet marketing resources to start and grow their online empire & turn any business opportunity into a success story.  

The Network Marketing and MLM industry is a growing $132 billion dollar industry.  We knew that there was a huge demand for business opportunity seekers searching for web traffic building strategies, tools and resources to help them build their online business. 

We plan to add a lot more resources and categories such as leadership training advice, online marketing tips, social media, seo training, motivation, inspiration and personal development and more. 

Our goal is to increase the traffic from 9,000 monthly visitors to 1 million visitors per month by the end of 2015. We are planning to add another subscription method with a free gift and also sell advertising space. 

Our initial goals were simply to be functional and useful with just leads. Then they extended to things like web traffic, search visibility and referred traffic to our company website. 

Now we can count a variety of goals that include customer acquisition, recruiting, industry media coverage, conference speaking and private workshops for companies, industry networking and other engagement, growth, retention and advocacy goals.

When we launched our new blog there was lots of excitement about the promise of creating a new way of communicating with prospects, customers, new affiliates and the media.

When companies launch new blogs there’s excitement about the promise of creating a new way of communicating with prospects, customers, new employees and the media.  

The people responsible for creating content often have other responsibilities besides the company blog. Seeing your hard work published for the world to see, the first comments and mentions of your posts on industry websites is exciting.

That excitement, or “honeymoon period” is going to wear off.  Developing and maintaining a productive business blog takes work. It also means working smart. 

Just be aware that after you start a business blog or hire a dedicated blogger, there will be a period of over optimism and then reality will set in regarding being able to maintain several quality posts per week, keeping up with comments and being able to show a return on the time spent.

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